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Member Management

For any society, member management is a significant task for the society. A My Aalay application is the most advanced society management system that efficiently manages the information of society members. Our system follows a user-friendly approach so members can easily register on it and up their details. The member's data is secured so no worry about data theft. Notification options can update the members with the latest information updates such as functions, events, announcements, society notices, etc. Members get up-to-date information about pending maintenance. Members can easily download the receipt of the previously paid maintenance dues. A My Aalay is a complete solution for the member's management.

Maintenance Management

We have added another important module named maintenance management to My Aalay the ultimate society management system. Society needs maintenance regularly and My Aalay can effectively manage important things such as repair, color, upkeep, parking, etc. We have added strong functionality to this module to give proper solutions for regular or occasional maintenance. My Aalay can keep every track report of society maintenance. My Aalay has a reminder facility that will update the society members about what would be done or pending concerning the society maintenance. A reminder facility is a useful feature to keep updated about the maintenance. Maintenance charges & calculations can be displayed properly on My Aalay dashboard. The society management team can enjoy the ultimate benefits of the maintenance management module.

Accounting Management

The account management module of My Aalay is more carefully designed because this module contains financial transactions that need to be more clear and transparent. Our My Aalay’s accounting management module can keep track record of society expenses. The finance management team becomes happier using My Aalay’s significant finance management options. The calculation can be easily performed for society bills such as energy bills, tax bills, compliance bills, housekeeping bills, and many more. This module can help to manage the society's budget. Finance statement evaluation becomes easier and it would be helpful auditing process. We have added an automated approach for invoices, expenses, etc in the accounting management module. You can generate smart reports using My Aalay an innovative society management system.

Visitor Management

Visitors regularly visit the society but sometimes strangers entry into the society becomes a security concern in terms of theft, illegal activities, etc. My Aalay is another beneficial module named visitor management which will more precisely manage visitor entry and exit. In the visitor management module, we have added a visitor allow & disallow facility and by using it society residents can have the right to allow & disallow visitors. Visitors’ identities can be easily identified the security management team also keeps a record of it. The visitor management module provides an advanced level and enhanced security system. My Aalay will provide the safety solutions to the society. The security team can use it easily and experience the ultimate security-based features. Visitor Management module of Our My Aalay an advanced security management system can satisfy the security needs of society.

Vendor Management

My Aalay has another useful module that is vendor management and it is used to improve the performance of the society vendors. It can also manage vendor risks. The vendor management module allows the society management team to register vendors, working types, services, routines, etc. You can easily manage the vendor information using it. You can keep track records of each vendor’s payments so it would be helpful to reduce future working costs. We have integrated vendor enable disable facilities for the society residents. The vendor management module can keep essential information about associated resources. This module can help you to identify the good vendor for the society. A vendor management module can be used to make more strategic decisions about vendor selection. This module can also improve the planning & budgeting process

Asset Management

Asset management is used to provide professional assistance for society assets and equipment. Our My Aalay contains an asset management module that offers an advanced approach to managing asset-oriented professional responsibilities. Asset management provides creative support for small, medium, and wider society. Using the asset management module, society management can keep track of the society's maintenance schedule. You have accessibility to generate reports of service records. Asset-based warranties can be stored easily. If you want to run a well-maintained society then asset management modules become more useful for it. Breakdown risk can be reduced using it. Asset management module improves the living manners in society. Society's wealth can be improved using the asset management module.

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